Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our No 1 son becomes honorary coot.

Our son Richard who lives on his boat in Hartford marina on the Gt Ouse is having to paddle to his car to get to work. His pontoon is not of the floating type. I suppose that must mean the water level is at least  couple of feet higher than normal. He texted us an interesting observation to the effect that the coots that live on the bank near his boat usually scarper when he steps ashore, but since he has been wading they take no notice of him and swim around his feet.  I suppose they think he’s an honorary one of them now. That would make him very proud.

I know I’m a plonker for not taking any pictures of our cruise last week.  I should have got some brilliant ones at Braunston with all the mess the floods caused there.  I was just too hot wet and bothered at the time.  We start the return journey tomorrow with a new drive plate and alternator.  In theory that should make Herbie in tip top mechanical and electrical condition, but I feel somewhat like the guy who’s crashed a plane and has to be made to go up again to keep his nerve.  I’ll need a few miles under the belt before I can relax.  Hopefully there won’t be too much wind and water about.  The weather promises to be cold and dry.


Les and Jaqueline Biggs said...

Hi Neil,
Here's hoping the new bits and bobs have performed up to high expectations and the remainder of your cruise was without incident. From what we can gather beign abroad Stateside, the flooding and high winds were plenty enough with which to contend. Stay warm, dry and safe.
Jaq and Les

Allan said...

Funny you've had alternator problems with Herbie because I've had alternator problems with Herbie aswell but he is a VW Beetle regards Allan from Reading,Berks

Val Poore said...

Neil, I've just read your last two posts. Hats off!! I think I would have been a gibbering wreck in that weather, and would probably have refused to go down those locks altogether. It makes good reading, though!