Saturday, November 10, 2012

Showers, shafts and a canal cafe turned Bistro

What a lovely lot you all are.  Many thanks for all the comments regarding my shower questions, although sadly no-one seems to have one of the same size our fitter has suggested.  Lots of good ideas though.  We popped in to Uxbridge Boat Centre yesterday for a tin of raddle, and noticed they had shower trays, one of which was the same size as that proposed for us.  I must say, hanging on the wall it didn’t look too small. Today I’m off out to Herbie for a couple of days doing odd jobs and that will include a really thorough measuring up of all the spaces and heights to see if we could fit in a bigger tray somehow. 

I’m also going to sweep the chimney and see if I can explore further my prop shaft and alignment. I have decided to try to check the alignment by using some digital callipers to measure the gap across the gearbox and prop shaft flanges as I rotate the shaft through each 90 degrees.

Yesterday we had a nice lunch with Mr & Mrs Rainman (David and Heather) in the Malt Shovel by Cowley Lock.  We have a really soft spot for that area as we did much of our early boating with Herbie through there.  I just checked to see if the lock was on the winter stoppages programme and it isn’t.  Well it should be because when we walked over to take a look, the leakage through the bottom gates was so great, we saw the current of water below the gates and thought for a moment that a paddle had been left up.  The only reason the lock was half full was that the top gates were leaking nearly as badly as the bottom ones.

Remember the little tea room by the lock, famous for fry ups and mugs of tea? Well now it claims to be a Bistro!

IMG_2002 (1024x683)

Now you can book a table –

IMG_1999 (1024x683)

blimey it must have gone posh! It was closed, so we didn’t look in to see what it was now like.

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