Monday, November 12, 2012

Shower realities

Following all the good suggestions you kind readers gave me about fitting a shower to Herbie, I spent some time this weekend doing more accurate measurements in the boat and making Sketchup drawings.  The results are revealing and show the value of 3d drawings.

First let me state some bare facts. 

1. The bathroom is the size it is.  There is absolutely zero chance of making it bigger.

2. We do not want to move the existing washbasin or loo because it would turn into too big a job. My name is not Rockerfeller and I have not won the lottery.

3. There is little room to move the position of the bathroom door because we need to open it without clouting the loo.

4. Shower trays tend to come in a limited range of sizes, although Adam does tell me of someone who can make them any size.

So here we go.  First lets see the three options.  Here we look down into the bathroom.  Washbasin and loo on the right, and a radiator on the wall opposite the door.

shower variants

The door is represented by the black lines on the floor showing it in two stages of opening.

Now the possible shower positions.

Blue:  a 610x760 shower tray which fits neatly behind the door.

Red: a 760x760 tray. Moved to the opposite wall to allow the door to open, although not all the way

Green: a 900x760 quadrant tray.  No door problems here.

Well, it looks like they all fit doesn’t it? Hmmm. Lets look at some other angles.

shower 610x760b

Here’s the 610x760 as proposed in my earlier post.  We know it would fit, and we would have shelves between it and the outside wall of the boat.

Now what about that lovely quadrant shower.  It looks ideal in plan view. Here is a 3d view,this time I’ve coloured in the bathroom door etc.

shower quadrant

That looks OK.  But wait. lets rotate the view a bit.

quadrant rotated

Oooh er.  Those red lines show the roof and sides of the boat and the edges of the gunnels.  The top of the shower pokes out right through the walls of the boat!  Whilst you could in theory saw off the relevant bits of the shower cubicle, its looking rather like a no-no to me.  Not to mention the fact that it is perilously close to tangling with the radiator.  The cubicle could in theory be moved inboard, but it would be too close to  the opposite corner then to allow you to get in and out properly.

The same applies to the 760x760 square tray even though it would be easier to tailor it to fit against the wall, having straight rather than curved sides, and the sides can be made as a wooden panel with tiles.  But I calculate the at shoulder height, because of the slope of the boat sides, we would have no more space that the 610x760 tray.

Can you follow all that?

I’m pretty sure that without the 3-D view it would have taken me a long time to spot the problem.  Its easy to forget how much the boat sides slope in above the gunnel.

So unless you can convince me otherwise I reckon we’re back to plan A, provided we are prepared to squeeze into a 610x760 tray.  Not ideal, but hey, it’s a boat bathroom, not a hotel en suite.


Sarah said...

I was going to say this on your original post but the iPad wouldn't play ball - are you sure that getting rid of the bath is the right thing to do? If your bath is anything like mine, it makes a fairly generous shower tray. OK, a shower curtain isn't as swish as a screen, but it takes up a lot less space (or maybe you could get a screen made to fit the bath?) I'm just not sure how much you're gaining from all the expense and upheaval, when you could invest instead in a really good shower over the existing bath. And then you'd still have the advantages of a bath too, for soaking things, washing small children and dogs etc, storing coal...

Halfie said...

And a bath can be a really easy way of adding ballast for getting through Froghall Tunnel!

Neil Corbett said...

Sarah, my sentiments exactly!! Although we no longer have need for washing small children or dogs, we may need to store coal :-) But it is a useful storage space for dirty washing - and Neil's Mandola.

Neil Corbett said...

That was Kath. This is me.

Well done Sarah, a shot of common sense to wake us up. I thought it was Kath that wanted the shower cubicle :-). She was somewhat smitten by the one on Briar Rose.

Given the tray size problems we may well revert to keeping the bath but fitting thermostatic mixer taps and perhaps tiling the wall.

We'll sleep on it.

Alf said...

Or........convert the door to a slider & have an oblong tray !!??