Friday, November 30, 2012

The final piece of the jigsaw

Frozen ropes, ice on the puddles, but I was nice and warm working the locks.  In fact we have all had a bit of glow today as Herbie has been purring along better than we can ever remember.

Our new drive plate has been the final piece of the jigsaw of getting Herbie's engine to run smoothly. First the engine brackets and mounts, then the new camshaft and finally the drive plate.  It has been a bit stressful at times, not to say expensive, but so far, we are delighted with the results.  Rick joined us for our cruise back to Crick and agrees that the boat has never been so smooth and quiet.

So now we are back in the marina burning the last of our coal before we go home tomorrow a lot more relaxed than a week ago when we set off towards Calcutt in the pouring rain.

Just the blacking to get done in ten days time and we'll be all set for 2013.

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Oakie said...

It's such a good feeling when everything is working well. I did recognise The Admiral Nelson - one of the best pubs on the cut.
This looks like the pound above Braunston Locks - am I right?
What plans for 2013 Neil?