Wednesday, November 28, 2012

So far so good

Well here we are 100 yards from where we started after an hour's cruise. No don't worry, we have had to get out of Calcutt marina and ascend three locks in that time. The new drive plate has made quite a difference. No big clunk when we engage gear and the engine seems very smooth and quiet. As to the alternator, they bench tested the old one and it was giving over 16v on the bench even after having a new regulator fitted. So that's good news, meaning there is nothing else wrong with the electrics.

Calcutt give good value I reckon. 270 quid for a new drive plate and alternator including fitting labour and vat.

We're staying put tonight and then moving to Braunston tomorrow. Me by boat and Kath by car and bus. The car has to get back to Crick.
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Halfie said...

Was the old alternator bench-tested on load? I would expect off-load volts to be a little on the high side. (No real experience, I'm just asking.)