Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fame at Last

Three times today a passing boater has called that they were readers of this blog. Thank you folks. I shall not let it go to my head. Peel me a grape Kath.

Last night at our splendid overnight mooring at the beautiful Tixall Wide we met a man who claimed to have had a drinking session with Keith Moon and Oliver Reed. Whether you believe him or not it's a good tale and miraculously he is alive to tell it which is more than you can say for his claimed drinking companions. Actually this fellow was a passably good guitar player. He heard me and Kath playing music on the bank and we of course got chatting about music. He brought along his acoustic bass guitar and a battery powered electric solid guitar (with built in speaker!). So we all had a good look at and a go at each other's instruments. I think we should stick to our own, we were all rubbish at each other's.

We dined exceptionally well on fare bought from the farm shop at Gt Haywood, recommended to us by a number of other bloggers. Thanks folks, you were right.

Tonight we rest at Penkridge and may well follow Sarah Chertsey's advice and try the Cross Keys.

As to the canal, thus far the Staffs and Worcester(Tixall Wide excepted) is less pretty than the Trent and Mersey, although the heron count is extraordinarily high, but we know there are a lot of very good bits to come.

And so to some photos from the last two days.


Val Poore said...

Well deserved accolades from your readers, Neil! I'm very glad to see the sun has come out for you at last.

Jaqueline Biggs said...

Lovely stretch of the canal you are on right now. Penkridge is one of my favorite towns--their Wednesday market was unbelievable. Everything is available there. We didn't know about the butchers but we will defo be giving them our custom when we are up there once again. We love your blog: great writing and very pithy humor. How's Kath doing with those grapes?!!
Jaq and Lesx

Neil Corbett said...

Why, thank you ma'am(s), or as we phlegmatic English gents say, One does one's best:-)