Friday, June 14, 2013

Multiple sinkings on the Coventry

I told you there was a submarine about. Today we saw two sunken boats in the canal. Maybe it's a u boat that doesn't know the war has ended. Pictures below. (Sadly with blogger on the iPad, the pictures all come in at the end and not in the text.)

Today we passed charity dock near Nuneaton. Always a pleasure. Never in a million years would I have my boat worked on there, but you have to admire the inventiveness and sense of humour of who ever owns it. See pics 3 and 4

I like the Coventry canal above Nuneaton. The countryside views to the north are lovely. The only lock flight in this part is the one at Atherstone and is very pretty. We got lucky and had all of the first five in our favour. Now we're moored for the night just below the fifth and in the morning we'll explore on foot.


Sarah said...

I was going to suggest trying the (free) Blogpress app. which lets you insert pictures wherever you like... But on the other hand it does (in my hands at least) only let you post them small. How are you doing it? I can't work direct in Blogger on the iPad - can you?

Leo No2 said...

Rather than use the Blogger App I find Safari (iPad) useful. Just of to and click on Posts. Let me know if you need any help.


Ian and Karen said...

Not sure any work IS done at Charity dock!

Neil Corbett said...

Sarah. I just had another trawl through the App Store and there are a couple of apps that might do it better. Currently I am using the Blogger iPad app.

I can't get on with doing the blog on the web through Safari, it keeps doing strange things to me and I run out of screen. On a PCO the web version is fine, although I still tend to use ms live writer which is faster and less fussy.


Mike, Mags, Poppy and Abbey said...

Last year we bent our prop a few miles up the cut from Charity Wharf. We limped along as best we could on tick over. We were able to get our spare prop fitted in the dry dock.

The work was very well done including shimming the boss to reuse the same retention hole. The total cost was less than three figures. It was a case of needs must - but not one that we have come to regret. The same prop is in place and functioning as good as new.

We also purchased a few 56lbs weights which we move around in the front cratch panniers to balance the boat as the blackwater tank fills.

Its worth a look around the yard. There was a good number of old cast iron boatmans stoves available.

I would be happy to use the dock facilities again.

Andrew said...

Neil, Granny passhed that way the weekend before you, and the sunken boats were there. One of them had 'CRT aware' tape on it, so I didn't report them. I assumed they'd be removed by now.

Oakie said...

Passed by the sunken boat on Nuneaton and Brighton last w/end. Heard that it belonged to a druggie, who's boat was unlicenced and he was a total pain in the arse to all in the vicinity. He ran out of money and sunk it, so it's goodbye to him and goodbye to his boat and the neighbours are delighted!