Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ignore what I said earlier

Despite several emails between us and Sarah concerning the better pubs in Penkridge ( see my previous post of a few hours ago) we have totally ignored her advice and found ourselves a treat. We were heading off for the delights of downtown Penkridge when we had to pass the window of the Boat inn next to the canal. Glancing through the window I noticed a hand pump bearing the Timothy Taylor logo so we thought it churlish not to go in. Then we noticed that Roger Federer was playing tennis on the telly. Then we noticed that the pub had a special offer on steaks with a peppercorn sauce.

So in the event, we had a pint or three of excellent beer, a very tasty meal, and watched a great tennis match. Boat Inn 1, rest of Penkridge 0.

Fear not though, we have strict instructions from Sarah not to miss the bakers in town who apparently do great buns, so in the morning we will venture down there and acquire a sample of same.


Anonymous said...

Never been in the Boat so thank you for the recommendation.


Rainman said...

Neil, Remember on your trip to Greenwich that you saw the start of the Round Britain Rowing race. I've been following their progress and the lead boat is about to finish.