Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sticky stuff, a meeting and some pies

Rainman is doing his best, and it does look pretty black over Will's mother's, but as yet we have not been properly rained upon. However, worse than rain was the sticky goo that settled all over Herbie last night from the tree we were moored beneath in Braunston. As soon as I've finished typing this I'll get the mop out and attempt to remove it.

Yesterday, our first day of the cruise, was uneventful unless you call having to wait at the top of Watford locks for over an hour an event. We just arrived as the last boat was going down before seven others came up. Bad timing.

Today, the North Oxford which we still haven't done often enough to be over familiar with. I particularly like the stretch between Braunston and Hillmorton. Perfect pastoral scenery. I could show you some lovely photos if I hadn't been too lazy to get the camera out.

Now we're moored up just before All Oaks wood. A popular spot. And quite pretty. Just as we were tying up, who should come past but fellow bloggers Paul and Elaine on NB Caxton. We hadn't met before but they obligingly stopped for a chat and now we know them. Good innit?

Having eventually bothered to get the camera out I walked through a gap in the hedge to find a lovely scattering of moon daisies. When we tell non boaty people we are travelling between Rugby and Coventry they can have no idea of how pretty the countryside is round here.

Braunston butcher's pies for dinner tonight. Yumm.

Tonight's pics:

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Val Poore said...

England in summer is always so beautiful and never more so than on the canals. Lovely photos, Neil. I will really have to come and do these canals before too long.