Sunday, June 09, 2013

Ready for the off

Night is falling over the marina. The fish are rising and the ducks are settling down. Herbie is loaded and ready and we're off tomorrow morn. One slight worry, Rainman is joining us. We like having him on board but he hasn't won his name for nothing. Actually, according to the met office, it'll probably start raining when he leaves us at Coventry later in the week. He tells me he has never been on a boat through Braunston before. That's a bit like never having seen Star Wars. I think we should make him work all the locks to properly feel the experience don't you?

In order to stow all our worldly goods, well half of them anyway, we have had a good clear out of the boat and bunged all the surplus clobber in the car. Everything looks amazingly tidy on board. It'll never last.

The countryside is looking lush. Even the grassy patch at the foot of the marina is bursting with life. It should be good up the Canal. Can't wait.


Halfie said...

Perhaps you should rename him. Would that work? Have a good one, rain or shine. You shouldn't be ice breaking anyway.

Ian and Karen said...

Look forward to following your journey (on Herbie at last!). Have a great time.

MortimerBones said...
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