Friday, June 21, 2013

Having fun wasting time (and doing some work)

Did a bit more painting today, then wasted time playing digital /analogue electronics, making a ridiculously over complicated thermometer. Fun though.

This little gadget called an Arduino is programmable from a laptop computer via USB. You can wire in all sorts of electronic sensors, and drive switches, motors, etc with it. Once I get the hang , it opens all manner of possibilities based on sensing sound, light, heat, time or whatever, and then making something happen such as switching something on, or sending a message, or as you see here, giving a readout. Good innit?


Vallypee said...

As my mother used to say "A bit of what you fancy does you good" Neil. And anyway, Herbie looks great! You always keep him super smart :-)

Neil Corbett said...

Kind of you to say so Val, but as we found when we were looking to buy a boat, the camera does tend to flatter!