Saturday, February 26, 2022

Electric rockets

 We got an email form our marina telling us about new electricity tariffs.  The old supplier contract had expired and the marina company has been searching for the best deal (they not are legally allowed to charge us more than it costs them, as I understand it). The email says "Although initial indications were that we could expect an increase of 122% due to the current UK-wide energy crisis, we are now pleased to confirm that, with the help of Aquavista’s broker, we have managed to secure an improved deal of 98% increase for  Ventnor Marina effective 1 March 2022. "

Only 98%, well that's alright then. Well they've done what they can I suppose.  One good thing is that the price is guaranteed "static" for 18 months.  Static electricity eh?

Actually we use very little electricity in the marina, and outside of it we generate our own of course. Our solar panels look more and more worthwhile. Perhaps we should get a third one.  Diesel for charging by engine will go up too of course.  I don't think diesel is going up 100%, but you never know.  Now I believe that most HVO diesel is made from sources other then crude oil so maybe the differential between HVO and normal diesel will reduce.  That would be good.

In other news, spring is springing at last.  Our lovely graveyard just over our garden hedge is looking very vernal.  The graveyard is a constant source of interest and delight to us with it's wildlife and history.

Over in Cambridge where our Peter lives, the Cambridge black squirrels are out and about.  Here's one he saw last week. 

Cute huh?  They're actually the same species as grey squirrels, just a different colour, like dogs and cats vary in colour I suppose.  Our other son Richard who lives on his boat in Huntingdon sees black squirrels there too. 

In other other news, at home we're lucky to have some very nice neighbours living opposite; a young couple from Ukraine who both work in the NHS. who have settled here permanently.  The woman's mum who still lives in Ukraine is over here visiting at the moment, so hopefully the government here will let her stay on if she wants.  They are of course angry about what is going on, but level headed about it. Remarkable how they keep smiling. We could all learn from their resilience and good nature.