Saturday, November 17, 2007

Lucky for once

You know how simple jobs often turn out to be right pigs because something won't quite fit or quite reach. Well yesterday I had the opposite experience really. When I ordered my new domestic batteries I forgot to remember that batteries come right or left handed, that is to say the positive terminal can be at one side or the other.

As it happens, they gave me two right handed and one left handed without me noticing. When I came to fit them on the boat, that's just what I needed. I can't get them all in in a nice straight line so they have to be at right angles to each other. The connecting leads have very little slack, so had the batteries been the other way round things would have been very hard. Anyway they weren't and it wasn't. Job's a good 'un.

Then to add to the good luck, just as I was unloading the old batteries into a wheel barrow, not relishing the long push back to the car, Steve from the boatyard came by in his little tractor and trailer and said "I'll get rid of them for you if you want" Nice guy Steve.

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