Thursday, September 11, 2008

Earwig O

We're off today on the Autumn cruise. Well 30 mins cruise to Slough festival, but after that we're away. As an act of meteorolical defiance I am wearing my shorts today!

We installed our new sofabed cushions yesterday and carried away the heavy old futon mattress. The idea is to make the business of converting from sofa to spare bed much easier and quicker - and it works!!

Three separate cushions (two behind your back and one to sit on) replace the one futon mattress. There was a lot of careful measuring before ordering, but it all fits and seems comfortable. Without any covering yet, it looks naff though. Kath is on the case.

On entering the boat I was pleased to see that for the first time in a long time, there were no splashes of rust on the stove top. That means my epoxy filler round the chimney collar has cured to problem. We've certainly had enough rain to give it a good testing.

Our internet dongle is charged up with airtime or whatever they call it so watch out for posts as we go along. I'll try to do one from the festival site tonight.

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