Thursday, September 03, 2009

Boats flock to Slough ?????

Yes in a week's time (12/13 Sep) it's the Slough Canal Festival when, unless the weather is truly awful, Herbie plus maybe a few other boats will flock down the arm in order to remind the good folk of Slough that they have a canal to play with. If you have a boat nearby and have the time, we could do with some extra support so come on down. You know you'll love it! Or come by car if you have to. Parking is plentiful.

Last year Saltysplash brought Lady Elgar (and Laura) to join us, but this year he's made some excuse about getting married that day. No sense of priority that man! Here he is with Kath last year admiring the neatly mown canal bank. Lady Elgar is there somewhere in the undergrowth. I think this year they might actually prepare the banks - we'll wait and see.
The festival is a modest affair but the locals seem to enjoy it very much. Entrance is free. They have craft stalls, a little funfair, usually a display of stationary engines, ferret racing, and this year they promise a birds of prey display. Oh I nearly forgot the Beer Tent and a stall selling very tasty locally made samosas. This is Slough after all. The IWA have a stall there and the Environment Agency gives fishing lessons to the kids - very popular. There is also a visit by the most famous Slough celebrity, the Dulux Dog. Dulux is a sponsor of the festival, the site being not far from their paint factory.

I understand a local hall has been booked for "evening entertainment" for boaters and helpers. Last year they had a rather good trad jazz band, although the organisation was chaotic to say the least.

The Slough Arm is one of those waterways where the navigability only hangs on by the skin of its teeth. If boaters don't show an interest, you know what might happen! Cruise it or lose it.


Simon said...

I have intentions of coming over myself - no substitute for Lady Elgar (and have to work Sunday), I admit... see you then!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry that we can't be there - hope it goes well. I think it's so important to keep the canal alive - after all, it may be the start of a link to the Thames one day!
Sue, Indigo Dream

VallyP said...

I hope people keep cruising it so they can continue using it! I remember last year's posts about this festival from Saltysplash, which is when I first found your blog too, so it's like an anniversary in my blog following career ;)

Hope it's well supported Neil!