Sunday, June 20, 2010

Near disaster before we even set of!!

We arrived at the boat yesterday ready to start our cruise, and upon unlocking and entering I could hear the water pump running. Aaaaghh! My lovely new batteries, they'll be ruined. I was distraught.

I quickly deduced what had happened. On leaving the boat on monday I had not switched off at the battery master switch, but I had turned off the water tank stop cock. The kitchen tap has a very slight drip. Eventually the pressure accumulator calls for more water and the pump switches on. because the water main cock is off, the pump fails to supply any water and it just runs and runs and runs - depleting my precious new batteries.

I dashed to the Smartgauge to see the battery level. 47%. Not at all good, but could be a lot worse I suppose. You're not supposed to let them go below 50%.

Anyway we picked up Peter from the station and set off with the alternator doing its bit to recharge the batteries. Four hours later at Black Jacks lock we were on 86% and that stayed level all night. Now at lunchtime on Sunday we're at Rickmansworth and the Smartgauge says 94% with the fridge running. We might just have got way with it.

Anyway, we're on our way and the weather is OK. The canal is at its best at this time of year and we have already seen more wildlife than you can shake a stick at, including parakeets, tufted ducks, loads of herons and lots and lots of chicks of one sort and another.

Further on up we hope to run into (not literally) Indigo Dream and Tortoise. Tonight we stop at the lovely Grove park near Watford, when I shall post further news and some pics.

Stay tuned.


Rick said...

That makes me feel so much better about leaving your tap running in January 2007!

Anonymous said...

I've lost the plot - are you cruising every day or weekending? Indiog Dream is moored one lock up from the M25 (not far from Kings Langley) but we won't be back on board 'til Saturday.

Give her a wave if you cruise past!

Sue, Indigo Dream

Jannock said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one to have done this. I left the pump switched on in December after an overnight stay at the mooring and the first we knew anything was wrong was when the alarm texted me to inform me that the external voltage had been removed. You were lucky to have 47% left, our smartguage read 2%

************** Brian and Diana on NB Harnser******** Maps by said...

To Di's annoyance I always switch the radio on as we start to pack away, that way I get reminded to turn the main switches off.