Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cabin fever

I haven't been in a cabin, more's the pity, but I do confess to a bit of cabin fever. This weather has confined us to home somewhat. Hence no blog posts lately. We phoned up Crick to ask if conditions were ok to come and spend a few days on the boat and they politely put us off. Apparently the marina surroundings are nearly a foot deep in snow.

But today we got ourselves out and actually spent a little time afloat, albeit not on Herbie.

We popped over to the Wey navigation at Addlestone to visit Kathryn aboard NB Leo No2 after she invited us to come and look at her mobile broadband setup. She's using a T Mobile mobile hotspot device giving internet access to up to 5 devices on board. She's also using an antenna to collect a better 3G signal for the device. It works well I must say. Between us we were running 3 iPads at the same time with quite respectable browsing speeds. We'll definitely get ourselves a similar set up for Herbie.

T Mobile have a unique (I think) policy, in that if you exceed the data limit on your tariff they allow you to continue to access the Internet for email and simple browsing without further charge. They just stop you from doing stuff like YouTube and downloading music and other high demand things. That suits me fine. I do do the odd bit of you tubing and music over the web at home, but I reckon I can live without it when we're on the boat. In essence it means we can work on a cheap tariff while away.

Having said that, as I'm writing this Kath is watching a video of Prince Harry on her iPad, so she might prove me wrong.

Speaking of iPads, this is my first ever iPad produced blog post. I hope after all this typing that it doesn't get lost in the publication process.

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Oakie said...

Sorry to have misssed you two, but I neesed to make a dash for home while the going was good, having been there since Thurday. Will e-mail you with my indecisive ramblings.