Sunday, August 31, 2014

Painting the Buckby can - when is enough enough?

I found a bit more time to put the second lot of roses on the Buckby can, so now it’s looking like this

stage 2

I suppose we ought to add Herbie’s name round the middle, but I was very unsure how well I could do it and what it would look like.  Then Kath had a good idea.  “Why not practice on a bit of clear plastic film then stick it on the can to see what it looks like?”.  So I did, using very simple block characters and it looked like this.

name trial

Ignore the red masking tape.  Hmm, needs more practice but it might be a runner.  Then the next question is, should I go on and paint more flowers on the rest of the can, or leave it like it is?  The traddy thing to do would be to cover the whole thing in decoration, but we quite like it as it is.  Maybe I should get some more plastic film and try out a row of roses along the lower grey band.


Julia & Mark said...

Looks brilliant ! Name in the middle, ring of roses, now you know how to do them ;) & jobs a good un.

Anonymous said...

I used to be a signwriter many years ago.

I am not being critical - I love the can, but, you will find the text far easier to paint directly on the can, as don't forget it is curved, and your text on the plastic is flat and will always look wrong painted flat, compensate by marking the can lightly with a china graph pencil and making it look right on the can.

You can always wipe enamel of if it's wrong, songwriters use lining tape above and below characters, when learning.

Keep up the good work, at least you have a short boat name like us!!!! Always easier to paint

Anonymous said...

Another text trick of signwriters is print the text on a lazer or inkjet printer, then rub chalk over back of text, and trace through onto can, paint in letters, and then chalk can be rubbed away with soft cloth when enamel paint is dry.