Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Another volunteer hurdle to jump

Congrats and many thanks to Chris who sent a link to my Cropredy rubbish post to CRT ands got a response saying they would do something about it.  Why didn’t I think of that instead of just complaining to you readers?

After my RYA helmsman training and the Health and Safety and life saving stuff, I thought I had jumped through all the hoops in becoming a CRT volunteer boat mover, but no, it goes on.  Tomorrow morning I have to attend Adelaide dock for a medical examination which is to last about an hour! Blimey, I wish I could get that long with my GP. What could be next I wonder?  A battery of psychometric tests? An outward bound course?  An audition?  Will they want to see my O level certificates? I’ll let you know.


Moominpapa said...

The Moomins called at Cropredy Sani-station this morning, and the rubbish area is freshly-cleared and pristine. Well done all.

It's worth pointing out that we were using a similarly overburdened rubbish area in Milton Keynes as it was being cleared. I got talking to one of the chaps from the lorry, and he said that they called four times a week! The overflow was down to the amount of use, not tardy emptying. There are a lot of boats in MK.


Rick said...

Perhaps you have a cycling proficiency test for all the towpath checking that you do by bike.