Monday, November 30, 2015

Yes it’s that time again. The Ninth Annual Herbie Awards about to start.

Where has this year gone?  In three weeks the days will be lengthening again (hooray!).  So I look at the old calendar on the wall and I notice it’s time for the annual Herbie Awards.  Yes, time to dust off your glad rags and polish up your jewels, the ceremony of the year is imminent.  This, unbelievably will be the Ninth year of the awards, and as we will have had Herbie for ten years soon after Christmas, we’ll be celebrating some old times, old photos and old friends along the way.  I had of course lined up Terry Wogan to act as MC, but as you know the poor old geezer has a bad back, so I have bravely stepped into his place. 

As to this year’s award categories, we have many old favourites and one or two new ones and of course at the end , we’ll announce the Herbie Special Award, bestowing instant fame and fortune, well fame anyway, well a sketchy picture of a shield anyway, on the worthy recipient.  A number of previous winners still proudly display their award shields on their blogs, so they must be worth something I suppose.

In addition to the usual awards for hostelries and canalside dining establishments, best moorings, useful boaty bits etc. we’ll be adding our choice of best pub quizzes near the canal, best and worst maintained locks and best and worst boats I have had the good/bad fortune to skipper over the year.  I can hardly wait. 

Providing I’m spared until tomorrow, we’ll start off the extravaganza with the ever popular Best Canalside Meal of 2015.  So book your seats, chill the champagne, remember how to tie that dickie bow, and enjoy.  See you tomorrow.

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Vallypee said...

Ah. I always look forward to these, Neil!