Thursday, February 23, 2017


Ooh Er! Hang on to yer hats. My wheelie bins at home have blown over twice this morning, so now I've had to rope them up. It all seems a bit violent for someone called Doris doesn't it? The Beeb weather app tells me that the wind will get up to 62 mph in Cropredy today. I fear for Herbie's solar panel whose tilting frame is only held down by magnets. It is also attached by a cycle security cable, so it won't blow completely away but it could I suppose flap about and get damaged. The goodish news is that I think the wind will be blowing along the length of the boat from the stern end rather than across. Anyhow I'm glad I've already removed the poles and planks and stowed them inside.

No doubt if any harm comes to her, the exceptionally kind and helpful staff at the marina will let me know.


Simon said...

we've had a nearby motorbike blow over, and worryingly a bit of paneling blow off the back of the football stadium... but on the upside the dog really enjoys chasing the leaves about. ;-)

Count me in for Canalometer beat testing - if it runs on python, will it run on a Raspberry Pi? Less useful than a phone, I know, but fun to try...

cheers (and happy new year)


Halfie said...

Hmm. You've got me wondering about Jubilee's solar panels now. They mostly rely on gravity. Eek.

Vallypee said...

It was a wild one, that's for sure, but surprisingly little damage over this way. I thought my car was going to take off yesterday. Now that would have been fun!