Saturday, June 01, 2019

Food and drink

Having got a letter from the cardiac consultant saying that after the angiogram and the echocardiogram they can see nothing wrong with my ticker,   I've decided to ignore my symptoms unless they get bad and just carry on.  Maybe I just had a virus or something, or maybe I have a nasty case of acute hypochondria (Oh no, not that as well!).

So here we are sneaking a few days away on Herbie.  Tomorrow we head just three locks up the hill to a favourite stretch below the foot of the Claydon flight  where we plan to do not a lot except potter about and I'll do some guitar practice following some cool theory stuff I just learned.

Having had an exhausting day getting packed up and driving here, tonight we succumbed to one of our favourite ready meals (not that we often have such things) - M&S Gastropub Moussaka.  I challenge you to cook me a nicer one.  Anyway we scoffed it sitting outside Herbie at the marina and washed it down with another naughty but nice treat.  Here's an appropriately blurred picture of Herbie with the treat in the foreground.  If you like wine with bags of flavour this a good 'un.
 Tesco's finest.

I've been cutting back severely on the old alcohol in recent weeks and experimenting with alcohol free (or nearly free) wines beers and ciders.  Most Wines of this genre are pretty ghastly, the best we found was from dear old Tesco.

Ciders are generally ok - just sweet fizzy apple juice mainly.  Beers are very mixed.  Low alcohol wheat beers are pretty good if you like that sort of thing.  Sainsbury's do a good one.  As for English type beers, many illustrious brewers have had a bash at it and most have produced quite nasty stuff.  There is one however that is a belter if you like beers of the Ghost Ship genre(American hops and light malts).  Look out for Infinite Session Pale.  They describe it as an American Pale Ale and it is typical of that type of beer, which I happen to love.  I've seen it in bottles in Sainsbury's and cans in M&S.  Virtually alcohol free but really really good.  Very hoppy, and I'm pretty sure I could be fooled into thinking it was a 4%er if someone got me one from the bar.  And only 36 calories in a 330 ml can. Sadly (there has to be a down side) it ain't cheap.

So tomorrow he head up hill for sea trials of our new steerer's seat and to check that lock working doesn't give me a heart attack.  I'm quietly confident.

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Vallypee said...

i'm so glad you've been given the all clear, Neil! That's terrific news and worth celebrating indeed! Interesting about the low alcohol stuff. I took to 0% beer last summer when it was so hot, but as soon as things got back to normal, I lost the taste for it.