Saturday, July 20, 2019

At least the EA is confused as well.

Well the EA might know what their mooring rules are for the Thames, but their lock keepers don't seem so sure.  Here's what I learned today,

Had we moored on the other side of Kings lock, it would have cost us £5 instead of £7.50, except that the £7.50 should have been a tenner as Herbie is longer than 40ft.  The lockie says he assumes all narrowboats are 40ft bless him.

The field with the abbey(?) ruin by Godstow lock is not EA and has separate charges but first night is free.

East street moorings are overseen by the lockie at Osney lock and first night is free.There are no signs telling you that. Next 2 nights are £5 each then please bugger off. You can come back and start again after one night away.  When asked about Iffley lock he didn't know.

There is a pukka sign at Iffley lock (hooray) saying first night free, then 2 nights at £5 and £25 a night thereafter.

Tonight we moor a couple of hundred yards above Iffley where I assume it is free until someone tells us otherwise.


Here's our new windlass, acquired at great expense

was it worth it?  Yeah I think so.  It works well and is hardly heavier than our regular ones.  Here's a picture comparing them for size.

My only reservation is that as the handle is rivetted on rather than just a bend, that makes a potential weak point. I feared for it on the top paddles at Somerton deep, but as they are the stiffest paddles I've ever had the misfortune to wind and the windlass survived, it scraped through the ultimate test.  Using the ratchet is a breeze and makes the job a lot easier on difficult paddles.

Now onto bridge names.  Sorry Sue, you were wide of the mark on dentist (230 -geddit?) and Luxembourg (208, surely you're old enough to remember that!). 76 is of course Trombone.  I'm no better, Jim has me foxed on "cowboy time" -see comment on previous post.


Paul said...

Cowboy time is also known as Tonto time (Lone Ranger) ie 10 2 10, 2 10, 2 10

Sarah said...

I hope you're going to try the pub this time ... if it's not too late. It was fabulous in 2016!

Sue said...

Dentist 230 (don't geddit!) and of course Luxembourg.. Gosh used to listen to that under the bed covers so mum wouldnt find out! At least I got one right!

You will be passing us soon or hopefully stopping for a cuppa.. Moored at Pinkhill moorings this weekend Monday at Bablock Hythe.

Dave said...

Details about Godstow Abbey

Herbie Neil said...

Sue, tooth hurty. Very sorry but won't be going back past pinkhill. Would have loved that cuppa. Abingdon Monday then back up to the canal. Our stay on Thames all too brief. Next time we'll catch ya.

Oakie said...

Just picked this up from Sue and Vic's Blog - well more Sue's than Vic's:_

It seems that confusion still reigns as far as boaters are concerned!