Wednesday, March 09, 2022


 Most people enjoy a puzzle or a quiz.  The latest puzzle fad seems to be Wordle which we play as a family each morning to see who gets the answer first. Then this morning I came across WORLDLE where you have to guess places from their map outline.  It's quite clever, giving you help after each guess saying how far away you area and in what direction.  Having coded my own version of Wordle recently I at first mused about doing something like it for canal places, but I can see that is would be a big job because of all the distance and direction thing.

So as a consolation I've knocked together this simpler map quiz for you to have a go at if you fancy it.

The picture below shows ten places on English navigable waterways.  Can you identify them? I'll give a bit of help in the description below.

These are definitely not all to the same scale.

A and B are two shortish circular routes easily done inside a day.  Excuse my poor tracing, the lower right hand line in A should I think be dead straight. This loop contains four named waterways. B is part river part canal.

C and D are extraordinary wiggly stretches D is easy if you've ever been that way. C is on a narrowish bit of river and is an afternoon's run between two locks slaloming sharply all the way  for about 3 miles - a real test on the tiller.

E shows a short downhill / uphill stretch (with a number of locks of course) between 2 junctions.  You could walk it in about ten or fifteen minutes.

F is a junction after which the branches cross over each other

G is a complex which you have to negotiate on a through route. Not for the faint hearted.

I and J  (the lower one) are canal termini

H is another crossover junction.

Good luck.


Pip and Mick said...

Good game, good game!

Pip and I think we've worked them all out. We've been to them all except for G and that's on this year's plan! I won't name them so the game isn't given away for others.

NB Oleanna

Herbie Neil said...


Enjoy G, it's great fun. Great trip getting there too.


Carol said...

Gosh Neil, I have absolutely no idea! Good of you to take the time to create this game. We are also fans of Wordle also in a family group and have also added Octordle too. Best regards to you both. xx

Herbie Neil said...

Carol, well I know for sure you and George have navigated at least a couple of these places. Answers coming soon.


Anonymous said...

Cracked it!
Haven't been to G or J but we've visited all the others on the boat.
An interesting quiz. Thank you.

NB 'Red Wharf'

Vallypee said...

No clue, I'm afraid, Neil. But I'm now going to look at the answers :)