Thursday, June 23, 2022

Quite a finish

How splendid to finish our cruise with this spectacular sunset on our last night.  Worth clicking on the photos if you have a big screen.  This was at Napton, where as we walked back to the boat after  a meal at the Folly, we spotted the cattle on the horizon with the setting sun behind.

The Folly looks a bit different this year with half of the marquees dismantled and the others not in use.  Also the splendid new Potting Shed bar is only open at weekends although you can sit on the veranda.  

There are so many pretty spots to sit outside in the pub gardens.  At first you think there aren't many customers, but then as you walk round you see lots of small groups here and there and you realise there are probably fifty people or more.  Mark the landlord is having a tough time finding enough staff to run a full service, but they are coping as best they can and doing a good job despite somewhat limited offerings and hours for food. As ever Caroline has done a brilliant job on the planting with pots and tubs blooming everywhere.

En route back to Ventnor we passed this long new stretch of piling and restored towpath just before you get to the bridge where the closed Bridge pub stands.  

Very tidily done, you have to admit.  It'll look better when the grass grows and will no doubt attract moorers.
We spotted several such places ( but a lot shorter) up the Ashby where the bank has been repaired and the towpath done up at the same time.  It all seems to be the work of the Rothen Group who are getting a lot of work from CRT lately.  I looked at their web site and they have a blog with a lot of interesting articles on the methods and machinery they use for dredging and piling.  A very professional outfit by the look of it.  

I notice also that CRT are using new contractors for mowing and vegetation control ( whatever happened to Fountains?).  CRT claims a substantial savings in cost although they report they are having to put a lot of effort into getting the new contractors to meet timescales and standards.  Let's hope it's just teething problems and not a case of paying peanuts and getting monkeys.

Now we're back at home and finding we need to get back control of the garden which has gone berserk in our absence.

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nb Bonjour said...

I wonder if that new piling is the area I reported a collapsing towpath about 4 years ago! Looking forward to getting afloat again, fingers crossed for next week. Better get a move on with a new blog! Hoping to visit the Ashby, this summer, so we are pleased you've done the research for us! Debby