Saturday, January 28, 2023

Strip light conversion installed


Ta daah!  Installed and working, the strip light I converted from fluorescent tubes to LEDs (see my post from November 21st).  So far so good, only a long term test will prove its worth, but I'm hopeful the LEDs will not burn out as I've built in a 12v regulator.  The light is not so diffused as from tubes but as it's overhead, you don't often look directly at it.  I'll probably begin converting the other 6 of these lights once I am confident of this one.  It hasn't proved particularly hard or expensive to do.

We're aboard Herbie for the weekend, mainly to check that she has survived all the hard frosts we've been having.  The plumbing seems OK at any rate. I'll look at the engine and start her up in the morning.

We're just burning the first of our coffee logs in the stove and that looks ok and burning at a steady pace.

Back home tomorrow.

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Vallypee said...

Well done on your light conversion. That's very clever of you Neil. I must say I am always impressed by your technical skills. Glad Herbie has survived the frosts. We've been hard bitten with them here too.