Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Ship's cat in the offing??

 Next weekend, (not the coming one) if all goes to plan we'll actually take Herbie out on the canal.  In all the 18 years we've had the boat this is the longest time we've not cruised (except perhaps during the first Covid year).  This time our main excuse has been rain, floods and mud although I suspect inertia has something to do with it.  The other day with fingers crossed I thought I'd better check that the engine still starts.  Based on previous experience of starting up after months of standing unused, I remembered to manually work the fuel lift pump a couple of dozen times before turning the key, and the old BMC burst into life at the first attempt.

Next week we'll have Rosie and Ronnie, our Claire's dogs, as crew.

Being now well approaching middle age they're as good as gold and no trouble.  However, we might be getting a ship's mascot  of our own before too long.  It's a long story, but our son Peter adopted Grace's cat Belle as companion to his other cat Charlie and unexpectedly it turns out Belle was pregnant, so when he came home last Thursday night, instead of having two cats he found he now had six!!

Right there on the carpet! Belle hadn't even been nesting although she had been ravenously hungry for some days.  Kath had got very fond of Belle and Charlie so she's thinking of having one of the kittens.  Apparently everyone wants the grey one.  Peter has read that ideally cats should go in pairs.  Oh dear!  Mother and kittens are doing well and the youngsters have already almost doubled in weight.

Meanwhile we've just spent a few days around waterways where most of the boats are plastic.

Yes it's the good old Norfolk broads and a weekend with old friends.  Kath and I didn't join the others sailing this time but chose instead to seek the wildlife.  Hickling Broad Nature Reserve is I think the best inland reserve we've visited.  We saw common cranes, marsh harriers, and a purple heron as well as lots of more normal waterfowl and we heard, but sadly didn't see, numerous bitternes booming.  Just before we arrived people saw a white tailed eagle there.  Brilliant place and highly recommended. 

Back at the Cropredy, we've been getting used once again to the lovely sunsets we get there.

and at last I got round to fitting the new button fender although I've now bought some new chain to better secure it next week. I need to reach those side eyelets to give in some lateral stability.

Tune in next week for more kitten updates and hopefully some actual boating.


Pip and Mick said...

Those kittens are gorgeous.
Tilly however is very adamant that she will only ever share Oleanna with a cat that is an exact negative of herself. So sadly these kittens are a touch too black.
Pip NB Oleanna

Vallypee said...

Oh oh, a ship’s cat eh? How can you resist? Your sunset photo is magical, but also lovely to have been on the Broads again. I’m looking forward to some more Herbie cruising posts again.