Monday, May 08, 2006

A new colour scheme for Herbie?

We're not too keen on Herbie's pale blue name panel, and have been thinking about a new colour scheme for the boat with a minimum of repainting. Here she is in her present livery.

With a bit of (somewhat rough) computer work, here she is in two alternatives

With red and white trim

With grey trim

We'd be very grateful for your opinions on which looks best. Please click on Comments at the foot of this posting to reply.


Anonymous said...

Hi Neil and Kath
I think the grey trim looks very smart, sophisticated and restful and it would get my vote. But on the other hand the red and white is more jolly! Are you planning to change the name as mentioned before? If not, perhaps the red and white is more appropriate for a Herbie, the grey for a name more inanimate?
Hope this helps!
Good luck

Anonymous said...

The red and white looks so cheerful and friendly. I like it best. Herbie looks charming in these colors.

Maffi said...

RED definately. IMHO

Can I add you to Maffi's Boat?

Anonymous said...

Hi, just seen your request for info on urw. As I haven't posted since the sven virus, I'm replying here. We repainted last year including the signwritten panels. I masked over each letter of the signwriting incuding the scrolls - very laborious - using 'PaintPro' masking tape which was left on, in scorching weather, for 2 or 3 days while we painted the panel with u/c and 2 gloss. Then my wife overpainted the signwriting using '1 shot' signwriting paint. Terry

Anonymous said...

Definately the RED. It looks much richer and it ties the whole boat together.


Anonymous said...

We are thinking of painting our narrowboat very soon can you tell us how you did the painting on Herbie. We thought it a good idea to see a few choices before we made a commitment.

Area D said...

I think the red looks best. The grey is a bit dull.

Anonymous said...

I like the red and white better.

Jackab in Sydney AUS

Neil Corbett said...


Sorry for not responding at the time, I have only just seen your message. I took a photo then just used paintshop pro to change the colours. A bit fiddly, but no real technical skills required. I think any photo touch up software would do it