Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Rooftop refurb

Herbie currently lies up at Bulbourne awaiting a replacement oil seal (hopefully today or tomorrow), but in the meantime we have not been idle. One thing that we inherited with Herbie was a heavy wooden box which sits on the roof and holds coal, wood and any other junk. Its made of 2inch thick timbers, unplaned and untreated. At first we planned to ditch it, but it could be handy if smartened up so we brought it home for a lick of paint. Anyway, I realised it would be a good practice piece for boat decoration skills, so I've done it up a traditional diamond pattern. I wouldn't like to think how many hours it took, but I'm pretty pleased with it now, and it should be an asset to the boat. Here it is before and after

I've also given the gangplank a good paint, blue with red edges and it to is transformed from a scruffy old plank into something smart.

Now I've learned a few of the skills, I'm going to have a go at repainting the front of the cratch in a diamond pattern.


Anonymous said...

Wow, the box looks great.


Anonymous said...

Looks nice.

About the gangplank: are you sure the paint won't make it slippy?


Maffi said...

If you are going into production with the roof box storage put me down for one.