Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Can we have our water back please?

I noticed last weekend that the canal was about 3 inches lower than normal. Where we are there is a total of 26 miles of level water (Slough Arm plus GU from Cowley to Norwood plus Paddington Arm). If you use a guestimate of an average width of 50 feet, that all comes to 26 miles x 5280 feet (per mile) x 50feet (wide) x 0.25feet (missing) x 6.25 (gals per cubic foot) = 10.7 million gallons missing! I think thats over 4700 tons if my sums are right.

Has it all evaporated off in the warm weather or have BW drawn some off for nefarious purposes? Either way, we'd like some back because the down the Slough Arm, the bottom is too near the top. I wouldn't want to take a deep draughted boat down there at present. Herbie draws only 2 feet and even we have to go quite slowly to get the water past the boat.

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