Monday, October 13, 2008

Dids, didn'ts and letter shading

A weekend of some real work and some displacement activity.

Should you want to eat your dinner off the floor of Herbie's engine bay, now's your chance. I had a good clean up on Sunday and now it's as dry a bone (apart from a healthy protective smear of oil). I now realise the bilge pump float switch is white and not black!

On the downside, I failed to get round to checking the battery water because I wasted a few pleasant hours siting in the sunshine copying the lettering from the side of Lady Elgar to a sketchpad. Should I get round to attempting to signwriting Herbie, I couldn't follow a better example, painted as she was by the esteemed Phil Speight.

Interestingly the relief shadowing on Lady E is on the opposite side of the letter from that on Herbie, and much chunkier. Herbie written a la lady Elgar would look a bit like this.

I think I prefer Lady E, probably because of the chunkiness, but I suspect Herbie's might be a bit easier to do.

Another thing I did do was do some sums and mark off the diesel dipstick in 50 litre divisions, so now we can tell better how much we've used and how much we can get in.
Lastly, I didn't get round to doing my Regents Canal Ometer. But I can do that at home.

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