Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Being a Worcestershire man myself, I had to smile this weekend at the headline "Eartquake rattles teacups in Worcester - 15 people call police". Such is the pace of life over in the British countryside.

We had plenty of rattling teacups on Herbie this weekend, mostly from tremors caused by plastic bags around the prop. I think we broke all records on the number of times we visited the weedhatch. Janet pointed out that a lot of the bags were knotted at the top and wondered if they were doggy poop bags. I used not to mind clearing bags off the prop but she's put me right off it! Mercifully they were all empty and clean by the time the prop had minced and rinsed them.

Another problem was the build up of fallen leaves that seem to stick themselves to the prop. The boat gradually slows down until, every ten minutes or so, you have to engage reverse gear and rev up to shed them.

More leaf trouble - Herbie nestles under a maple tree at our moorings and I'm noticing that the fallen leaves leave brown stains on our newly painted roof. What a drag.

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Vallypee said...

Leaf stain is a real annoyance, isn't it? I'm having the same irritation on my barge. I think would also be put off at the thought of doggy poo bags around my prop...why on earth do people throw plastic in the water anyway? We suffer a lot from plastic bottles over here, but less from bags. Maybe they get minced by the big commercial barges before they get to us!