Saturday, February 19, 2011

The best bit of the Olympic games site so far is this yellowy green structure which we went to see the other day.  It's a community run facility where you can look out over the Olympic Park and have a rather splendid bacon baguette (or something more exotic).  It took a bit of finding, and you have to walk through a maze of security fenced alleyways to get there but the view over the mega building site is impressive.

 Here we see the stadium, which will one day be West Ham's football ground.  Apparently they will have to spend £90m on converting it after the Olympics.  Hmmph!

 Above we see the start of a huge "statue" like a big knotted mesh tube which will cost another huge sum. Hmmph!
 Above we see the Aquatics centre, not far off complete, except it will be encased in glass. Its hard to imagine that the people in the top rows of seats will be able to see the pool, but I suppose they will.  All that seating will be removed after the games.  Hmmph!

Now we see how close the Bow Back Rivers get to the stadium.  Hopefully we will be able to take Herbie through there after 2012.  The rivers wind right through the site and if they get it right, and if they allow mooring, it'll be a major asset to the waterways. Some of it is tidal though, I think.

Despite a very long bus ride from our mooring at Paddington, it was worth the visit.  There still seems masses to do and only a year to go, but it looks like they ought to be ready, although as they say, the devil is in the detail.

We've now left Paddington it's nice to be in the greenery of Kensal Green.  It's noticeably less windy here, although the rain seems to have set in.  We have had visits from Simon and Carrie, including one where we sat up unitl 2am drinking sloe gin.  Now I'm on the waggon for a couple of days. 

Grace has joined us for the weekend and today it's off to the Natural History museum.

Lots more to tell you later, including the tale of a mid night alarm.

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