Thursday, February 24, 2011

River Canal Rescue

I can't help thinking that River Canal Rescue (RCR) may have shot themselves in the foot.  For anyone who doesn't know RCR attends breakdowns of their members boats and tries to fix the problem.

I just received my annual renewal notice and they have changed the offering.  For bronze, sliver and gold membership the price now goes up by £45 (our silver goes up from £110 to £155) because they have added compulsory replacement parts cover for things like starter motors and fuel pumps.  Well I suppose I only need to bust an alternator to get more than my money back on the parts cover, but £45 is a big hike in premium.   I have called them out 4 times in 5 years and only once did it need a new part, and then they couldn't fit it.  I'm inclined to drop my membership down to Retainer at £55 (they then will come out and do an hours work for £40 as often as you need them, but no parts cover) .

I think optional parts cover would have been better.  As it is, a lot of people might take the same view as me and drop back to retainer and RCR will lose out.

Can anybody out there persuade me otherwise?


Anonymous said...

You said you wanted a new engine - now's your chance! Rainman.

Andy Tidy said...

Neil - I just noticed this myself and I think you may be right. It is a big hike for something I dont really want. I tend towards your solution.

Andy Tidy said...

Having given it some serious thought I think you are dead right. £55 gives you peace of mind that help will be available and if you actually need then £40 is an acceptable price to pay. And the retainer attaches to the boat so if a friend / family member has borrowed it they still get the service for £40. I am a big fan of RCR but £200 for the Gold service goes too far.

Anonymous said...

Also, maybe the older, less reliable or less maintained engines may need the most call-outs but they may be owned by people with the least money? People who take great care of their boats or who have new boats probably won't have much need to call out RCR and won't see the point of paying more than the minimum retaining price.