Monday, March 28, 2011

Herbie at the Golden Gates

Here we are at the end of day one, moored outside the fancy golden gates of Hampton Court Place. (Kindly photographed for you five minutes ago by Rick - literally five yards from the boat.)

  There's posh! As luck would have it, it's the last day of their winter season when entry to the gardens is free and we were just in time to do a quick tour.  Not only that but it's a good time to be here because of the amazing show of daffodils.

The formal gardens are a bit amazing too, especially the topiary.

Our trip up the tideway (me, Kath, Rick, Marilyn, Simon and Carrie) was smooth as silk and not at all scary despite sitting on top of a 5.8 metre tide. Safe inside Teddington lock we stumped up the outrageous licence fee and now we're legal on the Thames for a couple of weeks.  Doesn't the lock office look like an old railway station?

To cap off the pleasure of the morning we all at lunch at the splendid Riverside Vegetaria in Kingston.  Ace.

We have stopped a bit too early today in reality, so tomorrow we have to make up time and we'll be heading for Windsor if we can make it.

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