Saturday, March 26, 2011

Light cruising

Tomorrow we're off on the start of our cruise to Crick.  That is if the mixed messages I've been getting about Brentford gauging locks come out on the favourable side.  BW's Debby at Brentford tells me we'll be OK although their website still lists it as a stoppage, not a restriction.  As far as I recall both of the locks in the side by side pair are operable, so if one is bust we ought to be able to get down through the other one.  I have also had no reply from my booking to get through Thames lock on Monday morning, but I think they don't always get back to you.

Anyway, the clocks go forward tonight, (spring forward, fall back),  so that's good.  I have to work hard to stop myself from thinking that this in itself  will give the solar panel longer in the light! However, did you know that at this time of year the daylight time extends by half an hour a week?  We're on the steepest part of the sine wave.  By the end of next week we'll have 13 hours a day in the light, and a fortnight later 14 hrs.  Herbie's batteries can hardly wait for all  that free food!

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JR said...

Or...Spring back, fall forward?