Monday, July 18, 2011

Cruise report part 1 pics and stats

A reminder of where we went, using my freehand, not to scale map.
The red blobs show where we stopped overnight, or in some cases more than one night.  Here are some of the places we stopped.

Night 1 just before Norton Junction

Nights 2 to 6 at Braunston
 Night 9 at Coventry

Night 11 I think, somewhere on the Coventry canal

Night (oh I'm losing count now)  17 perhaps.  At Shardlow

Night  20 ish at Leicester

A few nights later (now I've really lost count) at Foxton

Anyway, you get the picture.  This Leicester ring is mostly rural, but there are interesting towns and (mostly) villages to stop at. You can see from the map that some days we went a  long way, and others we just moved on to the next interesting place.    Sometimes a six hour day, sometimes only two or three.

Of course we spent some time in tunnels, adding up to over three miles all told.  Some were dry and some were wet.  I love this photo taken after we exited Husbands Bosworth tunnel.  The drips on the gunwale make it look like we've gone all posh and had Herbie covered in faux rivets.  I suppose I could work out  the frequency of the drips assuming I knew the boat speed.

Boring stats follow for anoraks

I reckon we averaged about 2 miles an hour, so you could have walked it a lot quicker.  Of course there is the small matter of 103 locks done on the way.  According to my new diesel dipstick which I made and calibrated before we started off, we used 110 litres of diesel which works out to something around 1.3 litres an hour.  I think this is typical for a BMC engine like ours.

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VallyP said...

Great rundown of your trip, Neil! Your BMC engine is quite a lot more economical than my Samofa. Your fuel consumption is much lower than mine.