Saturday, July 30, 2011

The most useless tool on a boat

There is a commonly used DiY tool that is worse than useless on a boat.  If you have one, throw it away now.  What is it?

Some clues:

It is a common hand tool - no electricity involved

The problem it causes is not a safety issue

Worse than useless.  If you did use it you would cause big problems  - do NOT use one on a boat

It is very commonly used by chippies, kitchen fitters, plumbers, etc since time immemorial

Someone fitting out a boat on dry land might find it OK to use, but I doubt it. Once the boat is in the water it would lead to serious errors in fitting out.

A last cryptic clue - Would a confused viper sell it?


Jan said...

Spirit level

Vallypee said...

I agree with Jan.

Paul said...

Seen as "viper sell it" is an anagram for spirit level, Im with you both

Julie said...

Yep, I'm with the others :)
I had a friend who fitted racking for huge computer systems on oil rigs and he always said it had to be done by eye as a spirit level was useless.

Halfie said...

You wouldn't want to be doing any bell 'umpin' either.