Saturday, June 01, 2013


Here we are moored up against a tug on a buoy at Gravesend after 20 odd miles cruising down the tideway. The river here ain't half big. Some of the ships are too. The weather has been kind to us and the waves on the river are really just wavelets. The tide, however is something else and on more than one occasion we have been swept scarily near to big metal buoys or moored barges. Kath was at the tiller at the nearest scrape and has been mercilessly ribbed by Douglas and James ( of NB Chance) ever since. Never mind, she can take it.

A couple of special rowing boats have overtaken us. They started from Tower Bridge this morning and apparently they are going round Gt Britain!

Perhaps the best bit has been going under the QEII bridge at Dartford, something we will do twice more today as we are going back up to Dartford Creek when the tide turns. Meanwhile here are a couple of photos from the iPad camera. Better pics from the proper camera will have to wait until we get home.

I'll do another post later this afternoon and perhaps show what a difficult entry it is into the creek.

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Vallypee said...

Neil, I am going to come and stowaway on the Herbie one of these days. To quote my daughters, you do such coool trips! These photos just make me long for retirement and then I can go too!