Thursday, June 12, 2014


Lovely weather for boating and here we are stuck at home.  I’m having to resort to gardening!!  If this keeps up the garden will be in danger of looking half respectable.  Never mind, we’re back on board later next week.  I expect it will be raining by then.

BTW I have written the first word of my next book, but I’m keeping it secret apart from a few trusted friends.  I now have ten good reviews of Jobs for the Boys and in response to a few people being unable to decipher the cover design, I have drafted a new one.  What do you think? Any comments gratefully received.


jftb cover jpeg


Vallypee said...

I love the rhyme!! Brilliant! But I actually liked your first cover. My own feeling about this is it's too plain for a novel. At first sight, I'd think this might be a self-help or social commentary book. I'm now expert on cover design, but I think this article is pretty useful, so it may be something for you too, Neil

Looking forward to the sequel!!

Vallypee said...

So very sorry Neil, I've just re-read this comment and see I've made a silly typo. That was meant to be I'm 'no' expert, not 'now'. Must proof read my comments.

I also should rather have said this cover would make me think of something in the non-fiction department. I like it as a cover, but maybe not for a novel…since you're still experimenting, that is. I really didn't mean to be blunt :(