Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Knackered in Braunston

Hi. Long time no see.  Long time no internet.  The canals hereabouts aren't very web connectable, Braunston especially.  However here I am some 100 feet at a guess above the canal in the centre of Braunston village.  I am having a rest on a public bench because having climbed up the steep hill to the butchers, Kath suddenly remembered she had forgotten to bring her purse, so muggins had to walk all the way down and back up again to get it.

We've had a good time getting here, accompanied by NbChertsey expertly piloted by Sarah who kindly managed to avoid crushing little old Herbie while we shared Braunston locks.  I think I might have an alcohol free day or two now to recover from the previous two nights boozing.

I would have shown you a before and after photo of Herbie's polished cabin sides, but sadly I can't make photo's work today. Suffice it to say I have been putting in a bit of the old elbow grease.

Ooh I nearly forgot to mention the big event of the week.  Chertsey Jim has given me/Herbie a klaxon. Not just any old klaxon, but a genuine Klaxon klaxon.  It needs a little bit of rubbing down and a lick of paint, but it works a treat and sounds great. I fear I might become an annoyance along the canal now.

We're staying put now until Sunday, so we can enjoy the historic boats at the weekend.  We are due to provide a live musical accompaniment to Chertsey's engine during the parades so look out for us if you are there.  I wonder if I can work a Klaxon part into any of our tunes!


MortimerBones said...

Hurrah! We are in the same county!

Vallypee said...

Aah, lovely to know you are still around! Enjoy Braunston!

Oakie said...

It would be nice if you visited Nuneaton and Brighton and had a chat with Barry Adams and say I sent you. I guarantee it will be more than a chat if he starts talking!
Ditto with Kathryn Dodington on board Sculptor, but she will have far less to say.
Wish I could be there too!

Thanks Neil.