Thursday, March 19, 2015

A logging gadget that works.

I’ve just got round to trying out one of my Christmas presents thanks to our local council cutting up a damaged ornamental cherry tree down our road. I purloined a few logs and set about cutting them into lengths using something called Timber Teeth.

timber teeth

As you can probably see from the picture, it consists of a couple of steel jaws that grip nicely in a Workmate.  They don’t look all that substantial, but they are in fact pretty strong and the teeth really do hold the log still using a small amount of left hand pressure to hold the log down while you saw with the right. (Of course left handers could do it just as well the other way round.)  And of course it’s easy to adjust the spacing of the two jaws to accommodate the length of the log by just sliding them apart.  I suppose you could use a strap to hold the log down on the jaws if you needed to but I found that hand pressure was enough for the teeth to bite into the log and stop it rolling or twisting.  
The jaws themselves don’t seem to wobble in use which was a concern I had before trying them. Everything sits nice and solidly while you saw. If you have a workmate, they are a simple and easily stored solution to making a good saw horse.

We spotted them on the web and bought them from here for just under £20 inc delivery. It sounds rather a lot for a couple of bits of bent steel, but in terms of how they perform, they’re worth it.

On another topic, good reviews of my book continue to trickle in. I'm now up to twenty if you include the two on Amazon's US site.  Average score stays at 4.6 stars out of 5.   Tomorrow I'm using up my last free Kindle day this quarter, so if you want a freebie, click here, read the reviews and grab your copy.  Friday only.

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