Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Storm

And it came to pass that two travellers came to the Keeper of the Locks. "Travellers, what seekest thou?" enquired the Keeper.

"We desire to ascend to a higher plane." Spake the travellers. "Yea even unto the Watford summit. " Then the Keeper opened The Book and spake thus.

"Yea verily thou mayest ascend the mighty staircase, but know thou that it is written that if thou turnest the White key before the Red, a fearful fate awaits thee." And so saying the Keeper opened the mighty gate and the travellers entered, whereupon the Heavens did open and a dreadful storm descended upon the great staircase.

Fearing naught, the travellers struggled on although the deluge from the skies was terrible. For full Forty minutes the storm continued. The bodies of those that were clad in the cloth of the prophet Rohan were dry within, but those whose legs were clad in the cloth of the prophet Levi did suffer mightily from the weight of the water, yea even down to their supposedly waterproof shoes.

And so the travellers journeyed on ever upwards until they reached the lofty heights, where they stopped to rest and watch the tennis but the TV couldn't get a signal so they pushed on to Crick where they could.


Adam said...

A classic Neil post!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, you just get better and better...

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Vallypee said...

Oh brilliant, Neil. Seems the prophet Levi is not to be trusted 😉 The ending is classic!