Thursday, December 22, 2016

Herbie's Video Christmas card -MkII

Doh, after yesterday's video proved invisible to iPad users, I consulted a certain Mr Google to find a solution and in doing so I inadvertently deleted the original post.  These things are sent to try us:-)

So here it is all over again including the preamble but, having failed to embed it in the blog,  this time please can you follow the link to the video which now resides on youtube for all the world to admire:

Roll over Steven Spielberg, I'm on the case.  yes, it's the Herbie Christmas Video again. I don't do these very year because I get too busy and forget how to do it, but I've been hard at it in Herbie Studios, sorting through old archives and playing guitar with an iPad on my knee ( a non trivial feat) to record the sound track.

So what have I come up with?  Well in honour of what many people consider a pretty depressing 2016, I've dug up some reminders of past events which seemed hard or challenging at the time, but now we look back on and laugh.  Life moves on and things don't seem so bad in retrospect, so to allow you a bit of cheery schadenfreude at our expense, here's our Christmas slide show, set to the music of Stephen Foster's Hard Times Come Again No More.

Thanks for visiting our blog in 2016 and a very happy Christmas form me and kath (and herbie).

Please follow this link to see the video


Oakie said...

No comments? Well, I think it was bloody brilliant - well I would, wouldn't I, having been awarded the Herbie Special Award for infidelity - no that's wrong - it was for infertility - sorry, indefatigability. You will be pleased to know that my new shiny replacement hip is improving every day and those walks to the pub are working wonders. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas. Oakie.

Herbie Neil said...

Delighted to hear about the new hip. I didn't know you'd had it done so soon. Shall we look out for you on Strictly next year then ?