Saturday, February 24, 2018

Too many ideas! Plus fidgety birds.

I used to think I was indecisive but now I’m not so sure. Alf and Oakie have each pointed out different, more weatherproof materials which I could use to make a new roof box, and that sent me off browsing Mr Berners Lee’s interweb looking for more ideas.  Now instead of having a couple of things to choose from, I have lots.  Woe is me.  The problem is that in accordance with Sod’s Law, not one of them is without some sort of downside - cost, available sizes, ability to take paint, weight  -the list goes on.  I really must learn to accept that the perfect solution probably doesn’t exist and just get on with it.  Or I could just buy one ready made.  Those on sale look decent enough, but would they get under low bridges? What about delivery? etc.

Changing the subject to an off topic one, as the birds in my garden pay increasingly regular visits to the bird feeders, presumably for fuel to stop the little dears freezing to death, I’ve been wasting many hours at the back bedroom window, camera in hand to get some photos of the little darlings.  Here’s a nuthatch that came yesterday.


The photos are not as crisp as they ought to be because I’m shooting through a closed window (I’m not dedicated enough to leave it open in this weather!) and hand holding the camera with a long lens and the birds are thirty odd feet away.  I have got a wireless remote shutter release, so I could get better pictures by setting up the camera in the garden and click from the warm bedroom but I left the gubbins on board Herbie. Doh!  My success rate of shutter clicks to acceptable images is about twenty five to one. The flippin’ birds just wont sit still, or if they do, they’re looking the other way or sitting behind a twig.

Should you wish to see other birdie pictures (and who knows what else in future) I have taken / may take I’ve opened an Instagram account. (Ooh there’s posh).  I’m so inept at social media that I’m not sure if I’m called ncherbie or Herbie Neil but one or both names should get to me.  There’s a nice one of a blue tit to start off and I’m working on capturing a coal tit and a long tailed tit.

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Vallypee said...

Lovely photo, Neil! I’m also useless about social media and although I have an intagram account, I don’t know how to use it! I’ll see if I can find you there anyway. Good luck with your box!