Monday, March 12, 2018

Happy New Year

I don't think we've ever left Herbie alone for so long, but today we managed to sneak away from home while no-one was looking and come aboard for a few days. Other folk have recently posted about how scary it is to come back to your boat after all that freezing weather. Thoughts of burst pipes, broken water pumps, split calorifiers, have haunted our dreams, but as far as we can tell Herbie seems to have survived intact. I did do a perfunctory drain of the plumbing system before Christmas but unlike other years I didn't remove the water pump and the shower mixer, because we've had such mild winters recently. Doh!

Anyway here we are, starting our boating year at last. The Ecofan is spinning and we're warm and dry and enjoying our first cup of tea.

Outside it is raining tortoiseshells and whippets. I 've already stepped in a couple of poodles whilst loading the boat. The marina entrance was awash and the canal looks alarmingly high. We're hoping to tootle down to Banbury for a day or two, but like last year I'm sure that some of the top gates will be under water so I might get wet feet. We haven't seen any boats moving yet. Are we being foolhardy we wonder?

In other news, a couple of days ago I had my haircut. I went from two inches over the collar to a number 6 all over and now my hats fit again. If only I could do the same for my waist.


Vallypee said...

Happy days, Neil. I’m glad Herbie has survived the cold. I’ll bet Kath is glad you don’t need to shave your waist :)

Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

Welcome back! I am relieved to read all was well aboard Herbie despite the rotten weather. Neil, I know just how you felt returning and wondering if all would be well. I have only been gone for two or three days at a time and I feel that way on returning to NBV.

Kath I know just how you feel about your haircut. I was a licensed hair stylist for many years. I still have my shears and I cut my own hair, which grows very fast. I usually lose track of when I cut it last but I will reach a point where I become aware that it feels as if I am wearing a large English sheep dog on my head and then I know I am well overdue! It feels so good to be that much lighter after its cut.

Love Jaq xxx