Monday, March 26, 2018

In with the new and out with the old.

Wahoo! Mid morning, low-ish March sun and were still making nearly seven amps thanks to Herbie's newly augmented solar array. At one time yesterday afternoon we were making 11 amps. I'm very pleased with the new all black Midsummer Energy 120w panel which is very compact.

Here we see the new and the old panels together on the roof. They're connected in parallel.

My newly made stands appear to do the job too.

This is the first time I have had to use MC4 connectors for the cabling and I am already a fan of them. They're very easy to attach and look as though they'll make a good waterproof connection. If you're contemplating a solar job using them do get the little plastic tightening spanners, only a pound or so and really effective.

I have yet to fix the frame feet in their permanent position. I'm going to glue them down with Sikaflex which people seem to recommend.

Later today comes a rather more poignant task, dismantling the roof box, which has come to the end of its days. It looks OK but the wood is rotting through, so I'll have to make another one.

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Vallypee said...

I wonder if I'll ever get round to installing solar panels. High on the wish list!