Saturday, December 24, 2022

The Herbie Special Award 2022 goes to . . .

Joining the elite few who have merited the Herbie Special Award over the years is a person who is cheerful, kind and generous.  

As we emerged from the Snarestone tunnel at the top of the Ashby canal this year, who should we see waving to us but  a good friend we normally see when we're down near Enslow on the South Oxford.  Later that day he caught up with us below Shackerstone and joined us for dinner on the canal bank, donating us a couple of wine glasses to keep as we had broken ours, then next morning he fired up his trusty wet and dry vacuum and made a thorough job of cleaning out our engine bay bilges. This wasn't the first time he had helped us out.  Previously has has made a chimney for Herbie and another time sealed off the cracks when our old stove was beginning to fall apart.  

Those who know him will already have worked out who it is and I'm sure they would want to say "Well done" and give a big round of applause to the year's winner of the

 Herbie Special Award

for being kind, helpful and generous

all with a smile.


(we don't even know his other name!)

Here he is standing on the back of the boat he built for himself

Will somebody please let him know of his new found fame.

Meanwhile may Kath and I wish a very Happy Christmas 

to all our lovely friends out there.

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Vallypee said...

Ag, I have missed a few of these posts due to family and Christmas stuff. Thanks for all your entertaining posts throughout the year, Neil. I hope you and Kath had a lovely Christmas and I'll be following your posts again in 2023. Happy New Year to you both!