Saturday, November 11, 2006

We're certified!

Herbie was retested today by the Boat Safety Examiner and we passed:-). Not without some difficulty I might add. The inspector's manometer kept showing a very slight gas leak, so I had to keep clambering in and out of the very cramped gas locker with a pair of spanners to tighten up the various connections. I was afraid of overtightening, which you can easily do with compression fittings. It took nearly an hour of tightening and testing until she was happy. Anyway we're certified safe now for four more years. All in all it cost £193 for the inspection, retest, certificate and report, and £30 or so for new hose, regulator and compression fittings etc. A good job its not an annual exercise.

Today I did my first trip from home to the boat by public transport (plus a 30 minute walk). It actually takes over ten minutes to (briskly) walk the length of the line of boats at our moorings. I think there are about 70 or 80 boats in all, mostly breasted up in pairs.

Buses are really cheap on this trip. I can get a green line coach from Bracknell to Langley (an hour's ride) for only £2 if I go after 11am. In January, when I turn 60, it'll be free! Getting older has some benefits.

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Anonymous said...

I ran out of gas whilst cooking dinner the other night. As you say, those connections can be a b**** to undo. By the time I'd done it and put the spare in place (which I had a slight recollection might be empty - and was) the shop was shut. Luckily the solid fuel burner just about heats water hot enough for a cup of tea!