Tuesday, October 30, 2007

London again

We've visited London more since we've had Herbie than we ever did before. Well, its an easy days cruise. No locks. On Staurday we went in to Camden to pick up Jacob and his "auntie" Lizzie who had been spending the afternoon at the Star Wars Exhibition at County Hall.

Very few boats were on the move. We had no trouble getting an overnight mooring at Paddington and there were a few spaces at Little Venice too and plenty at Kensal Green. However a lot of the other visitor moorings further east are now given over to booked winter moorings.

On the way into Paddington basin the alternator charge light came on and half the gauges switched off. Aargh!! I feared an alternator fault as the fan belt was intact. Luckily Mike whatisname, the boat engineer from Uxbridge was moored nearby so I asked him to come and take a look. His diagnosis was a short within one of the domestic batteries as they are now on their last legs. "Probably blown the voltage regulator but you'll get home alright. Get some new batteries asap."

Well things weren't quite so bad because when I started the engine again everything seemed to be working and the charge light went out. It might have been a dodgy earth on the alternator - was the other idea. A bit of wire waggling may have done it. We got home on Sunday without further incident.

Anyway I'm getting new batteries real soon and putting a better crimp on the earth cable. We live and learn!

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